Taliban Storm in Military Base, Kill 20 Afghan Soldiers in Farah

KABUL: Afghan Taliban raided a military base camp in Farah province and killed 20 soldiers of Afghan National Army (ANA) on Saturday night.

According to a Farah provincial council official Dadullah Qani, an unknown number of Afghan Taliban stormed into the base at about 2:00 am in Shaikh-i-Bala Kansk area of Bala Block district.

He said 12 Taliban insurgents were also killed during the clash.

Taliban made off with two Afghan soldiers and a large number of weapons.

Qani said the Taliban engaged security forces in Sore Shamal area, capital of Farah province and attacked the base camp with another party.

TOLONews quoted the deputy governor Mohammad Younos Rasouly also confirming the incident but did not provide details.

Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

Other military and local officials said they are unaware of the incident.



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