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PTI New York to Elect New President Based on Majority Votes

The executive committee of PTI New York is to hold a meeting to determine their new president after the sudden demise of late Zameer Khan.

The death of Zameer Khan, former president of PTI New York, raised the question for who would rise up and hold the position for the new President. Ayaz Khan, Vice President and currently active as the acting president of PTI New York, took it to himself and held the position but his move was vetoed by the committee members for his lack of co-operation in PTI tasks. The committee in their earlier meeting on the 25th of October, passed a no-confidence vote for Ayaz Khan thus depriving him of the position.

For the determination of the new President, as per instructions by PTI OIC Secretary Abdullah Riaz and General Secretary Sam Khan, the executive committee members will have to hold a meeting evening of the 28th of October, and come to a collective conclusion for the matter based of majority vote.

The committee will have to decide between Syed Waseem Khan (Information Secretary of PTI NY) and Shahid Raza Ranjha (Existing General Secretary), the two candidates for the Presidency of PTI New York.

Though both the candidates are considered to be strong for the majority vote, Waseem Khan might have an edge over the opponent for his incredible participation in party affairs and pro-efficiency in social activities. Waseem Khan, who’s been an active member of PTI New York for the last decade is considered a soldier among colleagues for the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

While on the other hand Shahid Raza Ranjha had recently become a part of PTI New York and made his way to the title of General Secretary in quick succession. According to the closed sources of Voice South Asia, Syed Waseem Khan has also gained the favor from the family of the former president late Zameer Khan.

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