India Behind Balochistan Unrest: Baloch Separatist Leader

ISLAMABAD: A big win for Pakistan on the front of the war against separatists, as Dr Jumma Khan Marri has announced to return to the national fold.

Marri, a prominent leader of the Baloch independence movement and designer of the separatist flag, remarked that India is behind the unrest in Balochistan in an attempt to counter Pakistan’s support for Kashmir.

Jumma Khan, during an interview with an international newspaper, said that India is taking revenge from Pakistan by supporting Baloch leaders residing in London and Geneva.

“India is using financial aid to create chaos in Balochistan by funding and orchestrating terrorist activities,” added Marri.

Jumma Khan Baloch added that India is behind the instability attempts including; crippled electric supplies, mining bridges and install mines on the roadside.

Baloch mentioned that leaders in favour of free Balochistan campaign are greedy, who desire power and money. He added that If India suspends the financial aid; their struggle will end the very next day.

Jumma further added that Indian media is working along with the Indian agents. These agents are also working as Baloch Freedom Fighters, in an attempt to stop the Kashmir’s freedom struggle.

He added that “India will stop supporting the Baloch leaders if Pakistan stops supporting Kashmir’s issue,”

Dr Jumma Khan Marri is a Baloch political leader, who led a Baloch uprising in the 1970s, pledged allegiance to Pakistan on Feb 17, 2018.


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