Russia Suffers Huge Blow in Syria battle

SANAA: Russia has confessed it has lost several Russian citizens,  ‘not soldiers’ in the Syria battle lately.

Earlier, the Russian government had said “probably five” Russians had died in a clash in Deir al-Zour province.

While the reports claim more than 100 Russian mercenaries were killed in US air strikes on 7 February.

Russia does not divulge firm details of “volunteer” fighters in the conflict, BBC reported.

The latest Russian statement said no Russian regular forces were involved.

The foreign ministry, quoted by the RIA news agency, described the casualties as “Russian citizens who went to Syria of their own accord for various reasons”. Some were also from other ex-Soviet republics.

The statement did not specify the numbers of dead or wounded, but spoke of “several dozen” casualties, and said the wounded were being treated now in hospitals in Russia.


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