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Funeral prayers of the three Pakistani friends offered at Makki Masjid of Coney Island

Burial of Sikander Sultan took place at Long Island grave yard of NY

New York: Funeral prayers of three Pakistani deceased friends offered at Makki Masjid located at Coney Island avenue of Brooklyn in NYC

Al Rayaan Funeral services arranged funeral prayers and burial arrangements. One of deceased Sikander Sultan buried in Long island, grave yard of New York, while the human remains of Choudhary Nasir and Muhammad Nazir will be sent to Pakistan from NYC for burial.

Many Muslims of New York attended the Funeral Prayers and pay the condolences to the deceased family.

Funeral prayers at Makki masjid located at Coney Island avenue of Brooklyn

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Three Pakistani Friends died in road accident

Sikandar Sultan, Choudhary Nasir (also knowns as Iftikhar) and Muhammad Nazir died on sunday in Road Accident, they were resident of New York City (NYC)

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