Bangladeshi Pupils Protest to Amend Quota System

DHAKA: A group of students have announced to launch a protest in Dhaka. They demand amendment in the recruitment process for the government jobs.

The students’ group will start rallies from next week. The agenda of the rally will be the reformation of quota system across the country including BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) examinations as well.

A council for protecting rights of general students announced the programme at a rally participated by several hundreds of students mostly of Dhaka University (DU) this morning.

According to current statistical report, only 44 percent of pupils are enrolled on merit basis; whereas 56 percent get the opportunity under various quotas.

The eight-point agenda of the student group is as follows;

  1. Reform quota system to a moderate level.
  2. Meritorious candidates should be recruited if eligible one is not found under the quota system.
  3. Jobs hopping taking benefit under the same quota should be stopped.
  4. A person with a secured job under quota facility should.
  5. switch to another only on the basis of merit.
  6. “Uniform cut mark” should be ensured in the preliminary examination.
  7. Existing quota system should be reformed following experts’ advice
  8. No recruitment should take place under a fixed quota.
  9. Full implementation of clauses no 1 and 2 of the Article 29 of the constitution and stop discrimination in the recruitment process.


Furthermore, it has suggested the government to follow the Indian quota system while reforming the existing quota system so that the real marginalized communities are benefitted.

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