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Gunfight leaves 3 militants dead in Kashmir, so far 34 killed in April as police stop handing over bodies for burrial

At least three militants were killed by Indian forces during a counterinsurgency operation in Indian-administered Kashmir on Monday, police said in a statement.

After the operation was over, six local residents, four of them children, were injured in an explosion at the site of the gunfight, the statement said.

“People were requested not to gather around the site. Still some people went in and fiddled with the unknown objects resulting in injuries to six persons,” the statement said.

This was the second counterinsurgency operation over the past 24 hours. Last night, the police had claimed that four militants were killed during an exchange of fire in the same district.

But on Monday evening, the police issued a statement saying only one body has been found at the site of the gunfight.

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