Children on Sale Online in Egypt

CAIRO: A scandal of online sale of children of all ages has surfaced in Egypt.

According to a new agency report, an online advertisement appeared recently in Egypt stating that children of all ages are available for sale.

The add said hundreds of children are available for sale against a price ranging between 30,000 to 2 million Egyptian pounds.

The add asked people interested to adopt or buy children to contact on the given address.

According to the report, an Egyptian man Rami Al-Jabali has pointed out the website and online add about the heinous business.

He said that the website and page was created to help trace missing children. Photos and other pieces of information about the missing children were used to be posted on the site and page, he added.

More than 12 million people follow the page and site. Rami Al-Jabali said that one month ago it was revealed the website and page developed for tracing missing children were involved in the heinous business of children sale.

He said that in Al-Sharq city large numbers of missing children were kept and families used to visit the flat and take the child with them.

Frequent visits of families of the flat made the neighbours suspicious and they informed the police.

Upon this, police raided the flat and arrested the suspects involved in the heinous business.

According to Egyptian officials, many people involved in the heinous business have been detained while teams have been formed to arrest other accused including the main accused who is in the Netherlands.

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