190 Ceasefire Violations from India This Year: Pakistan

 ISLAMABAD: Pakistan  Foreign Office has stated that Indian Army committed violations of ceasefire agreement more than 190 times in 2018 on Line of Control (LoC).

Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr. Muhammad Faisal in his weekly press briefing said Indian army targets civilian population along the LoC in Kashmir.

Besides ceasefire violations on LoC, the Indian Army continued to suppress the people of Occupied Kashmir. He said recently Indian Army killed two Kashmiris and injured one girl in Shopian District of Jammu and Kashmir.

He urged Human Rights Organisations worldwide to take notice of Indian Army aggression.

LOC Violations

Dr. Faisal said Pakistan has summoned the Indian Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh to the Foreign office and lodged a protest over the recent ceasefire violations by the Indian army at the line of control in Nezarpir and Nakyal sectors.

“In 2018 to date Indian forces carried out more than 200 ceasefire violations, resulting in the martyrdom of 13 innocent civilians while injuring 65 others. This is a continuation of the unprecedented trend of CFVs in 2017 when Indian forces carried out 1970 ceasefire violations, resulting in the martyrdom of 54 innocent Pakistani civilians and injuries to more than 200,” he informed.

Chinese Citizen Killing

Talking about the killing of a Chinese citizen in Karachi, FO condemned the killing and said that we are deeply saddened and shocked at the death of a Chinese national Chen Zhu, shot by unidentified assailants, in his vehicle, in Karachi on 5th February 2018.

Pakistan condemns the killing in the strongest possible terms. We are committed to taking all possible measures to apprehend the culprits and carry out a thorough investigation against the perpetrators of this crime. Pakistan attaches great importance to the safety and security of the Chinese nationals in the country.

Libya Incident

Referring to Pakistani citizens who were recently drowned when a boat carrying migrants capsized off the coast of Zuwara, Libya on February 2, FO Dr. Faisal said that we will try to bring back the dead bodies to the country.

He further added that an emergency cell has been formed in Libya for assistance and Pakistani embassy have been provided with required funds.

The 11 recovered and identified bodies will be dispatched to Pakistan, depending upon flight availability, most likely within the next 3 days,” FO informed
Efforts of the Mission/Ministry

Dr. Faisal remarked that 2 officials of the Mission have been permanently deputed at Zawara where the dead bodies and documents were washed ashore.

He said that the Ministry has deputed an extra officer from a nearby Pakistan Embassy (Egypt) to help in the identification and repatriation process.

On January 31, 2018, A boat carrying the migrants had capsized off the coast of Zuwara in the early hour. 90 migrants were reported to have drowned.32 Pakistani nationals boarded the migrant boat.

Indian Satellites and Agni-I ballistic missile Test

Answering the question about Indian satellites into space and test of the Agni-I ballistic missile, FO said that All states have the legitimate right to pursue peaceful uses of space technologies. Pakistan has been firmly committed to the avoidance of arms race in outer space.

He further added that  Pakistan has a robust space programme for peaceful applications and Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) is already operating a communications satellite PakSat-IR.

“We believe that maintenance of strategic stability at the regional level is a shared responsibility given its link with the objective of peace and development.  Pakistan remains committed to a policy of restraint and responsibility,”he said.

Afghan Refugee Issue

FO also briefed about the Afghan Refuge issue in Press Briefing.

FO said that the matter of the safe and early repatriation of the Afghan refugees to Afghanistan with dignity remains a fundamental concern for Pakistan. We have repeatedly raised this issue with the Afghan Government and the International community.

FO informed that Currently, there are 1.4 million registered and an equal number of unregistered Afghan citizens living in Pakistan.

“We are also engaged with the Afghan government, donors and other stakeholders for the smooth resettlement and reintegration of the returning refugees in Afghan society. SAFRON is also working on a visa policy so that the returnees can have proper visa and documents if they want to come back to Pakistan,” Dr. Faisal added.

Kulbhushan Jadhav

Talking about Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, Dr. Faisal said that  Indian subversive and terrorist activities against Pakistan are well documented. Pakistan has also raised them with the UN and the international community.

He said that Commander Jadhav is just the last case in evidence. India needs to act as a responsible member of the international community and refrain from such activities which are against the UN Charter and inter-state norms and pose a threat to regional peace.

He further Informed that  Commander Jadhav, a serving Indian naval officer was tried by according to the law of the land in a fully transparent manner by the Field General Court Martial (FGCM) under section 59 of Pakistan Army Act (PAA) 1952 and Section 3 of Official Secret Act of 1923.

Foreign Minister of Maldives visit to Pakistan

Answering to the question about the purpose of the Foreign Minister of Maldives visit to Pakistan, Dr. Faisal said that  Pakistan and Maldives have deep and cordial relations, bound by religious and cultural affinity. Maldives is an important Muslim country in SAARC. As a matter of policy,

He further added that we do not comment on the internal matters of other countries. Pakistan firmly believes that the rule of democracy and constitution must be upheld and allowed to take its course, and supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Maldives as per the UN Charter.

Pak -US Relations

FO also briefed about the Pak-USA relationship and US Aid, saying that we are closely monitoring the Bill recently introduced in the House of Representatives to end non-defence aid to Pakistan.

“A similar Bill has introduced in the US Senate a couple of weeks ago. According to our embassy in Washington, these Bills are at preliminary stages and will be considered in the respective Committees. The sponsors of these Bills have a particular mindset, as they oppose international assistance and advocate that the money should be spent on the country for infrastructure development,” He informed

He further briefed that  Pakistan has decided not to seek assistance from the US, we would like to place on record that the past US assistance has served the mutual interest of the two countries. This fact has been repeatedly acknowledged by the US officials.


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