ICC Concludes Corruption Investigation in Ashes Series

DUBAI: The International Cricket Council (ICCI) has concluded its two-month long investigation into alleged corruption in Ashes series.

The cricket governing body announced Thursday that no such proof was found during its probe.

An investigation was launched after UK’s tabloid newspaper published a story on the eve of the Perth Ashes Test in December, claiming the series had been targeted for spot-fixing.

The Sun in its report claimed that two of its undercover reporters had been asked for GBP140,000 (USD187,000) to “spot fix” markets in the match, such as the exact amount of runs scored in an over.

After two months of probe, the ICC has confirmed today that it has concluded its investigation into these allegations and found no such evidence.

ICC General Manager – Anti-Corruption Alex Marshall said: “We have carried out an extensive global investigation with anti-corruption colleagues from Member countries based on the allegations in The Sun and the material they shared with us.

“I am satisfied that there is no evidence to suggest any match has been corrupted by the individuals in the investigation nor is there any indication that any international players, administrators or coaches have been in contact with the alleged fixers.”

Earlier in 2010, The Sun’s sister newspaper, News of the World had broken the spot-fixing scandal which led to Pakistan’s Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif to prison sentences.

The scandal brought defamation to whole Pakistani team and kept their players under watch. Mohammad Amir, then only 17 years old, is the only player to make international come back after spending five years out of cricket.


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