Russia reiterates firm support for Venezuela’s Maduro

Russia FM Larov visits Nicolas Maduro in caracas days after white house hosts Juan Guaido in Washington. Lavrov met with high level officials, including Maduro and Vice President Delcy Rodriguez in a visit to Venezuela for the first time since 2011. We reiterate our support for the legitimate President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. We also welcome the president’s initiative to open the dialogue tables to all sectors of the country. Lavrov also met National Dialogue representatives and referred to unacceptable, illegal, U.S. sanctions against the Latin American nation.

Unfortunately, the crisis Venezuela is going through comes from a campaign led by the United States to overthrow the legitimate government chaired by President Nicolas Maduro, Lavrov said during the meeting, after hailing the normalization initiatives of the National Dialogue Round Table. Venezuela’s National Dialogue is open to all political parties. It is clear that radical opponents are allergic to these events, while stressing U.S. restrictions are aimed at starting a popular uprising in Venezuela. The two allies agreed to enhance cooperation on a wide range of fronts despite the ongoing illegal blockades. The agreements we achieve are about education, industrial, military logistic and economics. In an apparent criticism of Juan Guaido, who declared himself the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela, we are convinced certain politicians’ ambitions should not prevail over the people’s interests.

A day earlier, Maduro addressed U.S. President Donald Trump in a video after he hosted Guaido at the White House and referred to him as the leader of Venezuela. Maduro urged Trump to stop his sick obsession with Venezuela. Donald Trump, you can’t beat Venezuela. Venezuela is not crushed, nor is it broken by anyone, Maduro.

Russia and Venezuela also agreed to convene in May for an intergovernmental commission on trade and economy. All aspects of our material and practical cooperation will be reviewed at the session of the high-level commission.

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