Hate Crimes Flourish In Ethiopia To The Silence Of Ethiopian Government

Fear prevails amid religious, ethnic conflicts as hate crimes flourish, while Ethiopia government silence

At least 4 Mosques ablaze, more than 150 Muslims shops, properties damaged, robbed since last December

Political experts and residents of the East African country told that the government has remained silent amid a wave of hate crimes.

Idris Yeba, a political analyst Turkey’s, Ankara, believes the government is busy focusing on lesser issues when its primary function should be maintaining law and order.

On Jan. 21, unknown attackers vandalized and destroyed Muslim shops and properties and spray-painted hate slogans on parked cars. Yet the media and government officials neither denounced it nor took legal action.

The hate crime took place during the celebration of Ethiopian epiphany after a group of people refused to allow Christians to hang flags on a mosque’s walls a day before the holiday.

Yared Getachew — a resident of Addis Ababa who once lived in Harar, the city which saw the recent hate crime — that Harar was a city known for peaceful and harmonious co-existence between Muslims and Christians.

“Things are becoming worse, especially after the change,” he said, referring to the recent action.
“The elite are playing at the outflow of the public,” he said, adding people had been living peacefully in spite of their religious and ethnic differences.

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