Coca-Cola to Expand Thums Up in South Asian Countries

Thums Up, an Indian brand of Coca-Cola Company has planned to expand business in South Asian countries.

This summer, the mega-company has announced to establish in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

The company started in 1977 but Thums Up was the first launch in 1993.

Last November, Coca-Cola disclosed its objectives. It has to prepare the beverages worth of 1 billion dollars for next two years.

Coca-Cola India will break a new ground in 2020 by doing the endless effort.

The company is heading toward marketing new packs and product as to gain the trust of its customers. Moreover, bottlers highly invest in order to speed up the manufacturing process.

Coca-Cola India likes to turn completely into beverage company by manufacturing innovative products and export it across South Asian countries.

Besides, it will give more choices to the consumer as to become the fifth universal gargantuan brand of Coca-Cola in India.

Moreover, Thums Up has celebrated its 40 years of success. It set campaign in order to gather he crowd along with brand ambassadors via digital, social, traditional, and outdoor media channels.


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