Indian Hand in Murder of Chinese National: Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister of Pakistan Ahsan Iqbal has doubted that he sees India’s involvement in the targeted killing of Chinese national in Karachi.

Ahsan, while giving an interview to BBC, said that arrested Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav has confessed that India’s intelligence agency was involved in sabotaging China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.

“Representatives of our neighbour country have gone on record to say that India is against the deepening trade partnership between Pakistan and China,” Iqbal said.

Iqbal stressed that the recent murder of a Chinese national could also be a link to India’s continuous efforts to prevent economic stability in the country.

“The recent target killing of a Chinese national in Karachi is another link of this espionage chain. India could be involved in this.”

The minister vowed to fail all the nefarious designs of the enemy and said the Pak-china relationship will only improve further.

“Pakistan has deployed a dedicated force consisting of 10,000 security personnel to protect CPEC-related economic interests,” added Iqbal.


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