Elvis Presley “King of Rock and Roll”

By Tariq Masaud Aliyani :

The king of Rock and roll and the legendary singer Elvis Presley. The singer of the present times retains Elvis Presley as their originator. The artist and singers of twentieth century distinguishes Presley from others and bestowed him king of Rock & Roll. Michael Jackson also followed the path of Elvis and learned a lot from him and become a King of Pop. And the most ironic thing is Presley is the In Laws of Jackson lets have a look in details about legendary Elvis.

Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley both have common thing that both are he king Michael is the king of Pop and Elvis is the King of Rock & Roll.

Elvis sang his first song in the age of 8 but later in 1954 he starts his singing career in age of 13. African American producer Sam Philips notices the performances on guitar and vocal of Elvis Presley he introduces himself. He sense honored introducing new vocals. This meeting is the blessings for Presley and raised him to the top artists of the era.

Elvis Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi
Sept 26, 1956
© 1978 Roger Marshutz—MPTV

In year 1955, Drummer DJ Fontana line up the classical category of Elvis and join the band and get a copy of contract through Col Tom Parker which flourish more than 2 decades. Heart break hotel is the first RCA single release of Presley in 1956 which bring him on the top all through American music industry. Day by day common man knows Elvis and he becomes a famous star of rock and roll. That is the tenure of color racism and they raise their voices against Presley but he response by the special performance with the group of black Americans which is the finest performance against racism and black and white discrimination and he became more well-known.

In 1956 Presley initiate his film career and give a new trend to the art and entertainment industry that singer is multi-talented and singer is was also an artist. Many people followed him. In 1958 he again took some time from film industry and business and enjoins recording studios. Enthusiasm and more energetic performance from the previous, testimonies that Elvis is the legendary king of Rock and roll of 20th century.

Elvis once again varieties music industry and part of life and did not leave the film industry. All through 60’s he makes films and sound track music albums and face massive criticism but this hurdle did not makes any stop over for Elvis and he move forward on and on the path of succession. Generally, peoples look opportunities but in Elvis case Opportunities’ loves Elvis and he go for the TV screen performance. Viewers appreciate his performance and he was the star of small screen. Peoples are happy to look his performances on stage again and musical concert planned in Las Vegas. Expansion of the concert hall for maximized the occurrence of the mass because other singers also surprise the performance on the concert venue.


Elvis never bother for the ailments and this ignorance grips him in severe psychological illness and in 1977 this ailment won the race of loss in the age of 42. This is the only loss of Presley career and life. His slogan of life was we involve more and more peoples who lost hope of happiness either they are rich or poor, black or white skins or religion. One gets Tangible happiness when everyone happy. People never forget Elvis for his laughter, happiness performances, he was not with us but the remarkable memories are the asset for us.

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