Geneva Hosts First Global Refugee Forum

World leaders from around the gathered in Geneva to attend the First Global Refugee Forum of the United Nations.


The General Secretary of the United Nations Antonio Guterres fueled up the conference with his sympathetic stance towards the refugees stating about their confinement to camps, scraping by their lives. He urged the leaders to act “responsible” in order to bring the refugee on halt.


Co-hosting the event, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi urged upon the international community to “reboot” its attitude towards people in need of protection.


Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan on this occasion didn’t shy away from exposing the ethnic discrimination of the Modi government declaring the actions troublesome and a serious threat to the peace concerning the region and its neighbors. He forewarned the community about a massive refugee crisis averting in the subcontinent as the atrocities of Indian government grow further.


He further stated that Pakistan had been through the biggest refugee crisis in the history of the world. The country has proved to be a home for millions of Afghan refugees in the last forty odd years. He further added the economical impact bringing in the refugees has caused upon the nation in a whole, calling the matter “perplexing” for the leaders of Europe.


The prime minister also highlighted Pakistan’s continuous efforts for the peace process in the war-torn neighbouring country, Afghanistan, and said the only solution to the issue was a political settlement.


Speaking on the Kashmir crisis he added, “Whenever curfew is lifted, there are 900,000 Indian troops. They will try to change the demography by settling in Hindu population in Kashmir.We know from our past experience that prevention is better than cure. If the world puts pressure on India, we can prevent it, but once the crisis starts, we all know, it is complicated and difficult.”


Prime Minister discussed the citizenship bill passed the Indian government stating that some two million people in Assam were in the peril due to the controversial legislation, and expressed his serious concerns over the statement of an Indian minister who touted that the same act would be implemented in the whole of India by 2024. He requested the UN secretary general, said they should understand the implications of such an act for the Muslims minority as 200 million Muslims were living in India.


Furthermore he lauded the Turkish government and its people for hosting the huge refugee population while also appreciating the UN secretary general for hosting the event and highlighting a major problem of the world such as this.


Other UN secretary general and world leaders also made their addresses to the session and emphasized for the joint global efforts to overcome the challenges and the ongong refugee crises.

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