Pakistan, UK, India Among Enemies of US: Trump

WASHINGTON: President of United States Donald Trump on Monday suggested that he ‘ranks’ Pakistan, UK and India among the enemies of America.

He apparently made these comments during his first annual State Of The Union address on Tuesday.

Trump counted 128 countries who voted against the US in the UN Jerusalem vote among America’s enemies.

He lamented that billions of foreign aid dollars had gone to some of the 128 countries that backed a UN resolution condemning it in December.

The money should “only go to friends of America, not enemies of America”, Mr Trump said in his address to Congress on Tuesday night.

Pakistan, China and UK were among the countries which vehemently opposed the US’ controversial move of accepting Jerusalem as the capital of Isreal.

In a surprise move, India had also backed Palestine instead of Israel and the US in the UN vote on Jerusalem.

France, Germany and Russia were among the other major countries who stood by Palestine’s side in the vote.


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