Pakistan Foils Bid to Smuggle Rare Falcon to Dubai

LAHORE: Airport Security Forces (ASF) has foiled an attempt to smuggle falcons of a rare and endangered species from Pakistan.
A passenger had concealed these falcons in personal luggage. He was intercepted before boarding into a Dubai-bound flight on Tuesday noon.
ASF has handed over the smuggler to the Customs officials.

Bahri falcon (ocean falcon) is on a decline in the country due to frequent and illegal trade with royals Middle East.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species has declared the bird endangered.

These Falcons hail from northern Europe and the Russian Arctic region. During the extreme of winter, this species migrates to warmer countries such as Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

The birds are in demand among wealthy Arabs who train them for falconry.

According to a customs official, the female falcon, stronger and bigger than the male, is the prime choice for buyers.

An ordinary bird is sold for 500,000 to 1 million Pakistani rupees ($4,745 to $9,490).


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