Pakistan, India Extend Thar Rail Link for Three Years

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Ministry of Pakistan announced on Wednesday that India and Pakistan have extended the Thar Rail Link For three more years.

The spokesperson for the Pakistan Foreign Ministry said: “The Government of Pakistan has agreed to extend the agreement of the Rail link between Munabao (India) – Khokhrapar (Pakistan) for another three years from 1 February 2018 to 31 January 2021.”

The agreement to run the Thar Link Express was signed in 2006. The renewal of the agreement, the Thar Express, also called Thar Link Express in India, will continue to connect Pakistan’s Karachi city to Munabao of India. Munabao is only 10 kilometres from Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

The international train operates on a weekly basis between the two countries. It takes approximately 7 hours to cover a published distance of 381 kilometres (237 miles).

The train departs Karachi Cantonment railway station every Friday at 23:45 PST and arrives at Zero Point railway station near Khokhrapar at 07:00 PST on Saturday, some 50 meters from the International Boundary.

Indian officials conduct customs formalities there. Passengers then have to buy tickets for the Thar Link Express before the train moves to Jodhpur’s Bhagat Ki Kothi station.

On the return leg, the train departs Zero Point railway station on Saturday at 17:00 PST and arrives at Karachi Cantonment railway station at 01:00 PST on Sunday.


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