Haqqani Network Behind Kabul Blast: US

WASHINGTON: The United States has accused Taliban’s group Haqqani Network for being involved in the Saturday’s ambulance blast in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul

The blast had killed over hundred people and injured more 150.

The bomb was concealed in an ambulance that went off on a busy street near old building of interior ministry in Kabul’s PD3 district.

The blame is expected to further worsen the already soaring ties between Pakistan and the US.

Washington has long pressed Islamabad to stop assistance of Haqqani Network, a blame Pakistan has categorically denied.

The US believes Haqqanis operate from the area on Pak-Afghan border. America says they are one of the major causes of the damage the US forces suffer in Afghanistan.

US military spokesperson for the NATO-led support mission in Afghanistan,  Captain Tom Gresback said the US was confident that Haqqanis were involved in Kabul blast.

“We are very confident the Taliban Haqqani network was behind the killing of more than 103 people this past Saturday.”

Whereas, Afghanistan’s representative to the UN, Mahmoud Saikal suggested the plot was too complex for the Taliban to have developed on their own.

“Given the degree of sophistication … can you expect an illiterate Taliban to come up with this kind of genius plot, using ambulances?” Saikal told Reuters in an interview, adding Kabul was still gathering information. “It’s not a simple thing to do.”

A fresh wave of terror has engulfed Afghanistan as more than 150 people have been killed within a span of ten days.


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