Bangladesh Imposes More Restrictions on Rohingya Refugees

Two Years after migration from Myanmar, the  Rohingyas  are trapped  in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh,

The government of Bangladesh  has recently put severe restrictions on Rohingya  refugees from Myanmar.

Many have had their mobile phones taken away by police and security officers.

Fatima  lives with her six children  in a  camp where she feels lonely and isolated as she is unable to contact  with  family and friends due to recent restrictions on the usage of mobile phone.

The right group says that communication restrictions  put nearly 1 million refugees  at serious risk  in emergencies ..

It points that the international  government on civil and political rights is explicit on   right of freedom of expressions for every person , including displaced people.

There is also an increase in security personals   in the camps which heighten  the refugee’s anxieties and making them nervous

Further,  Rohingya children have been forced to drop out of Bangladeshi schools and colleges and the threat of relocating thousands of refugees to an isolated island reflects a tougher stand taken by the Bangladeshi government.

Rohingya people have been demanding proper security and citizenship before complying with the repatriation process.

Bangladesh and Myanmar signed in August an agreement to facilitate the repatriation of Rohingya refugees over the next two years.

However, the two planned repatriation arrangements came to halt after Rohingya refugees were unwilling to return to Myanmar, citing security issues in Rakhine State.


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