Ethnic Cleansing Confirmed in Myanmar

A recent report revealed that 655,000 populace has moved across the border between Myanmar and Bangladesh since August 2017.

The Rohingya refugees in big numbers fled to Bangladesh following genocide by Myanmar security forces and the government.

Myanmar government kept 10,000 Rohingya in temporary camps; meanwhile, they were enforced to go away from their towns and villages.

According to MSF, 9000 demises occurred in between 25th August and 24 September, including the death of 730 children of less than five years of age.

Eric Schwartz of Refugee International has confirmed in an interview that numerous Rohingya women were gang-raped and murdered. She also mentioned mass-burning of Muslim villages in the country.

In this regard, former US cabinet member and top diplomat, Bill Richardson judgment has proven correct.

He served on an international panel designed to help the Myanmar government.

Bill resigned citing his disbelief in the body’s ability to address the critical challenges facing the region and the country.

He told Reuters, “The main reason I am resigning is that the advisory board is a whitewash and he did not want to be part of a cheerleading squad for the government.”

Meanwhile, he alleged Suu Kyi’s being morally corrupt.

“She could have dealt with violence as she has the power that could’ve been used in favour of refugees,” he said.


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