Modi Urges Political Parties to Help Pass Triple Talaq Bill

NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged all the political parties to help his government pass the controversial Triple Talaq Bill.

The bill is being discussed today in the Budget session of the Parliament.

He made this ‘humblest request’ while speaking to reporters outside Parliament House.

He said though there should be no politics on the issue as it relates to the rights of Muslim women.

Despite Modi’s efforts, the bill could not be passed in the last session.

Indian President Ram Nath Kovind was hopeful that the Triple Talaq Bill would be passed today.

“My government has brought the Triple Talaq Bill to safeguard the rights of the Muslim women. And I am hopeful that Parliament will pass the Bill.” Kovind said, during the ongoing session.

What is Triple Talaq Bill?

Modi administration formulated the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill to prevent instant triple talaq in any form –spoken, in written or by electronic means such as email, SMS etc.

The bill makes instant triple talaq illegal and void. The offender may be punished with up to three years in jail.

The Lok Sabha (lower house of India’s Parliament) passed the bill in December 2017.

However, it is still pending in the Rajya Sabha (upper house of the Parliament).


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