Pakistani-American Muslims community organize Food drive in Euless

The American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee, Helping Force and Muslim and Immigrant Communities organized a food drive in Euless, Texas.

The corona virus has infected Texas as well as many other states in the United States. In Euless, various organizations of Pakistani-American Muslims came together to help the victims of the Corona pandemic. The American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee, the Helping Force and the Muslim and Immigrant Communities organized a food drive at Euless City Hall to help those in need, with Mayor Linda Martin in attendance. Euless City Council nominee Mubashir Warraich said in the conversation that it was very important to make the community realize that they are not alone in this difficult time.

Democratic candidate Jeff from Texas, said “We are all human beings, no one should be discriminated against on the basis of race, nationality or religion. We have rights over each other, we all have a responsibility to serve humanity without discrimination and to Help others

Euless City Mayor Linda Martin praised the food drive. Speaking to Voice of South Asia, she said that in addition to working with each other in difficult times in the Corona virus pandemic, precautions must be taken, self-preservation is a sign of social security.

 The food drive organized by Muslim organizations aided a large number of people in need. These organizations reaffirmed their commitment to continue this and that relief work will soon begin elsewhere

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