APPAC Dallas chapter organizes fund raising program

Texas, Dallas,

American Pakistani Public Affair committee APPAC Dallas chapter organizes fund raising program in Dallas. Lulu Cyckli is the chief guest said if US citizens votes democrats and strengthens in senate, we are committed to end backlash immediately self-imposed immigration policy. “I sincerely thank the Pakistani community in the United States for their full support” she added.

Lulu Cyckli thanked Pakistani community on the occasion and said that her opponent did nothing for the people in their elected term but played a role alongside President Donald Trump in spreading hatred. “The time has come for all of us to stand up against hatred and end this” and this can be done effectively by voting. Choose people who can protect your rights in the House.

Lulu Cyckli, Democratic nominee for US Senate

“My parents came to the United States from Lebanon and I grew up here,” she added.

I know what the problems of immigrants are, the poor and the middle class are deprived of health care, and if I am elect as  senator, then my top priorities to end immigration policy, health policy and elimination of racism.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, Chairman, APPAC, attended the event through video call, He complemented Lulu Cykli’s struggle against racism but also assured her to full support from Pakistani Americans.

Dr Aijaz, Chairman APPAC attended the event through Video call

The event was hosted by APPAC Dallas Chapter Leader Nadeem Akhtar while APPAC Leader Imtiaz Rahi was also present on the occasion. Nadeem Akhtar also presented election campaign checks to Lulu Cycli on behalf of the Pakistani community.

Speaking on the occasion, Nadeem Akhtar member APPAC Dallas Chapter, said that Lulu cyckli is a courageous woman, and the Pakistani community is determined to fully support her.

Nadeem AKhter, Member APPAC, Texas.

APPAC member Imtiaz Rahi said that everyone may have their own ideas but time is needed to support Lulu Cyckli. He appealed to Pakistani Americans living in Colin County to come out on election day and vote for Lulu cyckli. Only by choosing the right representative we can raise our voices to the house.

Imtiaz Rahi, member APPAC, Texas

A large number of dignitaries from the Pakistani community attended. At the beginning of the event Noor Nadeem played Pakistan national anthem on violin, which was appreciated by the audience.

Noor Nadeem

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