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APNA organizes “back-to-school” program for children in New York.

New York,

Students and teachers returned to classrooms around the world and schools will re open soon in United States of America, Different organizations of Pakistani Americans are taking their part to Help needy people and specially School children,in this continuation APNA community center in Brooklyn borough of New York organized community-based “back-to-school” program and they Distributed free books,school bags and supplies among students.

Pervez Siddiqui and Shazia Wattoo,Directors of  APNA Community Center made possible back-to school program  along with Erum Hanif and their Team members.

While talking to Voice of South Asia (VOSA), Pervez Siddiqui said that education is necessary and it deliverance should never stop, Pakistani Community in America always perform their social responsibility and support the needy people.

“we have distributed school bags and supplies among the people of every community without any discrimination of color, race and religion”, he added.

at the occasion talking to VOSA, Shazia Wattoo said that APNA Community Center not only distributed school bags, books and supplies to the children but also gave different products of cosmetic to their mothers.

The community center also distributed free Ice cream and lunch boxes to the children. The Pakistani and other communities appreciated the initiative of APNA community center.

Earlier Aslam Dhillon, chairman of the Pakistani American Association of New York, also attended the event. On this occasion, the Pakistani community was informed by the APNA Community Center about the upcoming census in the United States and were asked to register themselves in the census so that the number of Pakistanis living in the United States could be ascertained.

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