Angela Merkel announce increase in lockdown to February 14

Mati ullah, Berlin,

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Berlin Mayor Michael Moliere, held an emergency press conference with federal ministers and announced an increase in the lockdown to February 14 to curb the spread of the corona virus.

She added that 10,000 personnel from various departments of German army have been deployed to assist elderly, disabled and nursing and hospitals. Angela Merkel said Robert Koch Institute welcomed the reduction in coronavirus cases and called for an increase in lockdowns in past few days, citing coronavirus deaths as a cause for concern.

She said that places of worship would be allowed with a certain number, schools would remain closed, no one except family members would be invited to the party while business centers would remain closed.

“The discovery of a new virus strains in UK has forced us to take more precautions, but there is no evidence yet in Germany. Various countries across Europe have stepped up lockdowns. Our neighbors are also trying to be cautious,” he said.

She also said that corona vaccination is being carried out in every city. Citizens should avoid unnecessary use of public transport so that it is easier to control the spread of corona virus.

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