American-Pakistani Family System being damaged

Author, Ayatullah Dr. Sakhawat Hussain Sandralvi





A heartbreaking incident took place two days ago in Texas on November 27. A Pakistani American has been shot dead by his 21-year-old son. The killer’s has been arrested. The reason for the murder is said to be a domestic dispute between the couple, whose punishment cannot be murder, domestic disputes occur at every home. Rather, these domestic disputes becomes habit of our Pakistanis. However, the result is beyond comprehension. The killer son will spend all the springs behind bars. One lakh bond has to be submitted for bail. There will be punishment

The wife who fought, killed her husband and son spends life prison! and that is the truth.

“Moments make mistake, Centuries get punished”

The son will be punished in the world! However, in the hereafter, eternal hell will be waiting for him. Although Father thought that this is why I drove taxi, day and night and raised his child so that my son could shoot me on my chest with the same finger that I held it and grown him up.

It should be noted that in domestic disputes, usually one side is not to blame, but if one side is prudent, such heinous crimes will not arise because the claping does not sounded with one hand. He thought after the shootout that this is why I brought a Mercedes for my family. That’s why I took the palace-like house for the family. That’s why I worked hard to cut down the tree in the shade of which they had grownup.

I vividly remember a 7-year-old boy in Little Pakistan, Brooklyn, stab his father to death with a knife in July 2015 and surrendering to the law in a severe injured bloody state. His father also became a millionaire from a taxi. In September of the same year in Brooklyn, a young Pakistani boy was found dead in his Mercedes car, shot by his own friends. It was noticed that the boy had run away from the mosque & school and joined gangs. His routine was unusual and suspicious. All his fervor resulted in the loss of his life and eternal torment to his family. God bless.

A gang of Pakistani youngsters, robbed bank and was caught in another state. Another gang has been caught in the another state who used to swap other people’s credit cards in a bid to become rich overnight . They are under house arrest. A young man is serving a life sentence for killing his wife and old parents becomes half dead. While, there are many young Pakistanis who are behind bars after extinguishing the light of life of their Pakistani or foreign wives’ and wait for their deaths, and many wives have committed such crimes.

Many boys and girls have found soot on the faces of their parents and siblings for love marriages. Elderly parents who worked hard day and night and raised their children’s, those youngsters are waiting to see the coffin of their elderly parents. Some are rushing them to their deaths, some are being slow poisoning to them. This was the shortest story about American teenagers. On the other hand, husbands killed their wives and  wives extinguish the flames of their husbands’ lives.

Earlier this year, a Pakistani husband stabbed his wife in Queens and also injured his daughter. Some time ago, a prominent businessman in Buffalo and the founder of a TV channel, killed his wife. Who was also arrested. I have limited my writing to only eight different incidents otherwise, if only the police reports are collected, it can become a huge book. The purpose is not to intimidate the readers nor to defame anyone. That is why no one is even mentioned by name. The main purpose of this article is to cover up the motives behind these misguided actions and seek remedial measures to prevent them.

If I can!

Two sons who have killed their father, the reasons behind the murder had a domestic dispute or for wandering. The suspicious activities of the young gangsters who were killed were not monitored. Either they involved in Drugs or those who robbed banks or swap credit cards wanted to be rich overnight. Boys and girls who kept far away from religion and culture or are kept away from marriages for no reasons.

If our religious community centers they sought counseling from mosques and scholars, and shared thier griefs with the elders of the community and If the decisions of disputes were based on the rules of Islam instead of bullets, then this disgrace would not have to be noticed.

We have another tragedy that some centers have become point of conflicts. If anyone in the community found the secret of others, he is disgraced and veiling is unborn. There is no solid provision for counseling. Pakistani community should have to built their colonies in the US, but they did not think on it. They built cities in Pakistan with the earned money but here in US could not build a single colony.

Below are some suggestions! If they are accepted, it is an honor.

  • Do not kept licensed weapons at home.
  • Youngsters don’t keep away from community centers, mosques and scholars
  • Develop a system of counseling through Ulma in mosques and community centers
  • Parents should not make their children witnesses in their disputes
  • Husbands and wives should seek help from elders for their domestic disputes
  • Relatives avoid overflowing
  • Youth sessions should be supervised by elders
  • Parents and children should be made aware of their rights.
  • For the sake of children, husband and wife should focus on forgiveness
  • once a year children and family perform Umrah, Hajj or pilgrimage.
  • Wives should avoid high expectations and do not talk much.
  • Husbands and wives should stop considering themselves slaves and avoid abusive language.
  • Teach rules of religion and law to children and family.
  • Abandon sociology unnecessarily until the children reach their destination.
  • May Allah keep my compatriots safe and may the above incidents never happen again, Ameen.

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