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‘Al-Islam Halal Meat’ owner and self made businessman, buried

Ejaz Ahmad Khan fell ill in Madinah 17 years ago in 2005 while performing Umrah.

Long, Island, New York,

New York’s leading businessman Ejaz Ahmad Khan, owner of ‘Al-Islam Halal Meat’, was buried in Long Island Cemetery in New York. He was ill for 15 years.

Funeral prayers were offered at Long Island of Islamic Center, after which he was buried at Washington Memorial Cemetery. The funeral and burial was attended by a large number of members of the Pakistani American community, including prominent New York business and social figures.

The late Ejaz Ahmed was a self made man who made his place due to his hard work and struggle. He worked hard to turn a small business into a big halal business in US and now Al-Islam halal meat is known all over US.

Ejaz Ahmed fell ill in Madinah 17 years ago in 2005 while performing Umrah, after which he was brought to US by air ambulance. Here he stayed for a long time. His three children and wife set a high example of service. Imam Ahmad of IC-I also offered special prayers on the occasion of the funeral. After Asr prayers, Qur’an recitation was arranged at Asaldam Center of Long Island for the reward of the deceased.

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