Afghan Spy Agency Blames Pakistan for Kabul Hotel Attack

ISLAMABAD: Afghan spy agency, National Directorate Security (NDS) has accused Pakistan of being involved in militants attack on a Kabul’s international hotel.

The January 20 attack killed at least 21 people, mostly foreigners.

The first vice president of Afghanistan, General Abdul Rashid Dostum strongly criticised the security and intelligence agencies of the country.

The NDS pointed finger at Pakistan for Saturday’s deadly attack on Intercontinental Hotel.

Afghan media reports claim that after the initial investigations, it was clear that the explosives used by Taliban insurgents in the attack on the Intercontinental Hotel came from Pakistan.

The spy agency also claimed that it has recovered the vehicle that the attackers used to enter the hotel compound.

“The explosive materials seized in the vehicle show that the material is made in Pakistan,” said the NDS in a press release.

A statement passed by NDS said that the explosive chemical used by the insurgents was produced by a company in Islamabad.


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