Acting President of PTI USA Amjad Nawaz heads 1st online meeting

Office barriers and workers directed to utilize their all efforts to make PTI strong.

New York,

The Acting General Secretary of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf USA Ghulam Rabbani Akhunzada Called PTI USA central committee meeting on Zoom, chaired by the acting president of PTI USA Amjad Nawaz.

All office barriers of PTI USA lives in different cities of America including  youth secretary Khursheed Bhali, information secretary Yasir Buttar, finance secretary Imran Qazi, senior advisor Raja Yaqoob, Waqar Ahmed Khan, Naveed Warraich, Sheikh Aftaab, Rehana Aftaab, secretary community affairs Imran Iqbal, deputy secretary information Khayyam Shakir, and deputy secretary community Waqar Awan attended the meeting.

During meeting Amjad Nawaz, Ghulam Rabbani Akhunzada and all participants shown Solidarity with Junaid Bashir and Abrar Sam Khan.

They argued to all office barriers and workers to get the party mission move and make efforts to all necessary work those have not been completed so far.

Acting president Amjad Nawaz paid tribute to prime minister of Pakistan Imran khan and his all efforts which are being done for betterment of country and nation and asked to his co-workers to submit proposals on different plans.

PTI USA must support to Pakistan and Imran khan, he argued.

Amjad Nawaz directed to secretary youth, secretary information and secretary finance to make party strong and in this regard assign duties to workers.

During meeting Ghulam Rabbani Akhunzada, Khursheed Bhali, Yasir Buttar, Raja Yaqoob, Waqar khan and other said that Party mission never stop for anyone.
we all have to move forward and must utilize our all abilities to bring betterment in part, they added.

All members of central committee congratulated Amjad Nawaz and Ghulam Rabbani Akhunzada and expressed confidence on their leadership.

Earlier, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf  USA Chapter nominated acting President and General Secretary. In view of standing committee on accountability and discipline (SCAD) North America decision  dated 11/23/2020,  under the direction of Sec OIC, this is being notified that  Mr. Amjad Nawaz  SVP  PTI USA  will be assuming the responsibility  of acting President PTI USA  and Mr. Ghulam Rabbani Akhundzada  will be assuming the responsibility of  acting General Secretary of PTI USA till the completion of suspension period  Junaid Bashir and Abrar Sam Khan.

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