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NYPD statistics shows gun voilence surges in NYC

According to the latest statistics from the New York Police Department (NYPD), the number of Gun shots in New York City has risen to alarming levels, while the number of car thefts during the Corona virus pandemic has also increased.

According to statistics of New York police department there is continuous surge in  gunshot incidents and rose up to 414 percent from previous year 2019. With this increase, city officials are looking for a plan to prevent from these incidents. Latest figures as of June 21 show that so far this year. In the same period of 2014, 448% shooting incident has took place as compared to 329 which is an increase of more than 36%. The number of injured in 2020 rose to 531 from 373 by mid-June last year which increased by 42.4%.

The overall exchange of gun  violence  increased last week. The number of injured rose from 46 to 72 last week, other crimes include a nearly 24% increase in deaths so far this year, as well as an increase in thefts and car thefts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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