A Pakistani community in Carpi, donates 10300 euros to Corona Virus Prevention Fund in Italy

In Italy, Pakistani community donates 10,300 euros to Carpi mayor in CoronaVirus Prevention Fund,
On the occasion Mayor Carpi thanked the Pakistani community. Carpi Mayor Alberto Billeli said that in every hard time the Pakistani community has supported us. We are proud of them; my grandfather supposed to say that helping during difficult times was a sign of good friends,

Pakistani community proven that they are good friends, and I am grateful to them.

Italian Prime Minister Gasp Conte says Corona virus patients are recovering, today the number of healthy patients has increased

Hope for good news from upcoming week, the government of Italy keep an intense eye on the situation, the government is looking very responsibly on all matters.Prime Minister Gasp Conte added that he was following the expert’s opinion. 10,779 deaths reported from the Corona virus in Italy

So far, more than 97,000 people affected from Corona all over the world. Meanwhile death toll continuous risen in Italy.

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