Teenage US Gamer Jailed over Deadly 911 hoax

A US teenager has been jailed for 15 months for involvement in a prank call leading to an innocent man’s death.

Casey Viner, 19, from Ohio, conspired with fellow gamer Tyler Barriss to make a so-called “swatting” call to police.

The two men admitted to making the call after a row with another gamer, Shane Gaskill, while playing Call of Duty. In the 911 call, Barriss claimed he was holding his family hostage and killed his father.

Casey Viner had pleaded guilty to conspiracy the   practice of making false 911 calls to force police to respond with SWAT teams, after  Wichita police fatally shot  Andrew Finch in December 2017.

On 28 December 2017, Barriss told police he had shot his father and was holding the rest of his family hostage.

He gave police what he thought was Mr Gaskill’s, gamr rival, address in Kansas. However, the address provided by Mr Gaskill was not his own but that of Mr Finch, 28.

Armed police went to the property and shot dead Mr Finch, who had no involvement in the video game dispute.  Police say the responding officer shot Mr Finch after he moved his hands towards his waist.

After prison, Viner will be banned from playing video games for two years during his supervised release, U.S. District Judge Eric Melgren said.

Barris was sentenced earlier this year to 20 years behind bars.


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