8 killed in landslide in Guinea gold mine, several miners remain trapped under the rubble, search and rescue continues

At least eight people have been killed in a landslide at a gold mine in northeastern Guinea, on Sunday. The accident took place Saturday in Norassoba, some 35 kilometers (22 miles) from the town of Siguiri, when the columns supporting the entrance of the newly opened mine collapsed.

Many miners remain trapped under the rubble, while the bodies of eight people have been recovered. Although search and rescue operations are continuing at the mine, the death toll is expected to rise. The latest incident is one of many in mineral-rich Guinea, where thousands risk their lives working in mines. Guinea has gold, diamonds, bauxite and huge reserves of iron.

At least 17 people died in February last year when a gold mine collapsed in the same region. Mining work is known to be even more risky during the rainy season in the West African country.

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