5,000 Homes Destroy in Dhaka Slum Fire, Bangladesh

Tens of thousands of people have been left homeless in Bangladesh after fire tore through a slum in the capital of Dhaka.

About 15,000 homes were destroyed in the blaze, which hit the Mirpur area late on Friday and left 50,000 people homeless.

Firefighters took more than six hours to put out the flames.

No deaths have been reported from the blaze so far, although several people were injured, but The blaze rendered thousands of slum dwellers homeless and left nothing for them other than charred valuables.

Many people suffered minor burn injuries while escaping the fire last night. They took primary treatment from the local pharmacies. On the other hand, Dhaka North City Corporation has set up a temporary primary treatment booth this morning where many people took treatment.

Many residents were reportedly away from the city celebrating the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Adha at the time of the fire.

Atiqul Islam, mayor of the (DNCC), has said victims of the fire will be looked after in temporary shelters until they can be rehoused.

The cause of the devastating fire is not yet clear.

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