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399 Terrorists Killed by Turkey’s Anti-terror Operation Syria

Turkey also announced two of its men had been 'martyred' in fighting on the northern Syrian border .

The Turkish military and allied fighters have killed 399 Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces(PYD-YPG terrorists) in Turkey’s anti-terror operation in northern Syria, according to the National Defense Ministry.

As part of the operation, 14 villages in northern Syria have also been liberated from the terrorists, it said.

Air strikes, artillery bombardments and small arms fire raged throughout border settlements along the 75-mile front for a third day, with Foreign Minister Hulusi Akar today announcing Turkey’s forces had ‘neutralised’ hundreds of ‘terrorists.’

Turkey also announced two of its men had been ‘martyred’ in fighting on the northern Syrian border .

A US official and a Syria war monitor said there has been an explosion near an outpost where US troops are located in northern Syria amid intense shelling.

The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the source of the explosion near the Kurdish-held town of Kobane, was unclear, adding that no US personnel were hurt.

Turkey’s defence ministry said that it had taken all measures to ensure that no US base was damaged while it responded to harassing fire that originated near the US military post in Syria.

“There was no firing on the US observation post,” it said of retaliatory fire, which it said was in response to an attack on its military posts south of the town of Suruc.

Further, The United Nations estimated 100,000 people had fled, piling trucks and cars high with their possessions as shells decimated their hometowns, in a grim echo of how they sought refuge from marauding ISIS fanatics only a few years before.

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