3 Wrongfully Jailed Kashmiris Walk Free After 23 Years from Indian Jail

Three Kashmiris from Indian administrative Kashmir, along with two other prisoners, were released 23 years later the high court found them “not guilty”.

After spending two and a half decades of their lives in Jaipur jail, Latif stepped out of Jaipur jail along with 4 others —Ali Muhammad Bhatt (48) and Mirza Nisar (39), Abdul Goni(57) and rayees Baig(56) on 23rd July.

As Mohammad Ali lost his youth and his parents in this duration. Tears streamed down his face as he struggled to make his way through the graveyard. Dropping down to the ground, Ali hugged the grave and cried while pressing his ear to the soil in a feeble attempt to “hear” the voice of his mother.

M. Ali Bhatt Hugging his parent’s grave

When Mirza Nasir stepped inside his house, his family members sacrificed a sheep. Emotions ran high with family and friends kissing and hugging him.

Mirza Nasir is greeted upon his return.

After spending 23 years in different jails, Ali and four others, including Latif Ahmed Waja and Mirza Nisar who were picked up at the same time as him, were let out after they were acquitted of all charges by the Rajasthan High Court.

It all started back in1996, setteled in the city khatmandu of Nepal, when special cell of the Delhi police arrested these  Kashmiris—Mohammad Ali Bhat, Latif Ahmed Waja and Mirza Nisar. At that time.they were young boys who were also selling carpets in Kathmandu.

They accused of the 1996 bomb attack, which took place in a bus near Samleti village in Dausa, on the Jaipur-Agra highway, killing 14 people and injuring 37 others, and was also said to be involved in another bomb blast which took place a day earlier in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, claiming the life of 13 people.

All of them were taken to New Delhi and, according to them, kept in illegal custody for nine days.

“They beat us badly and were asking questions about the bombing about which we had no knowledge,” Ali told. The case went on and they were shuffled between Tihar and Jaipur, till 23 years passed and the court declared them as innocent.


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