3 security forces,10 militants killed in clashes in N. Afghanistan

Five militants and two security forces were also wounded during the clashes in Arch

Three security forces and 10 Taliban militants were killed in fresh clashes in Afghanistan’s northern Kunduz province, on Monday, a local official said.

“Militants waged an attack with assault rifles and machine guns on Archi district center on early hours of Monday. Government security forces repelled the attack, forcing militants to flee, after leaving 10 bodies behind,” told Nasruddin Nazari, district chief.

Five militants and two security forces were also wounded during the clashes in Archi, in the northeastern of provincial capital Kunduz city.

“The attackers tried to capture the administrative offices and the district police station but their vicious plan was foiled,” the official added.

On Sunday, minutes after the government claimed to have cleared a city in northern Afghanistan of insurgents, the Taliban reportedly struck back, killing 10 people and injuring five others, including the police chief.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani described the assault as a “failed attack” by the Taliban and questioned their commitment to the peace process and talks with the U.S. in Qatar.

While Feroz Bashari, a government spokesman, said  that at least 26 Taliban fighters were killed in the first airstrike in Zakhail, Kunduz. He accused the Taliban of using civilians as human shields.

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