3 Pakistani spies arrested from Hisar, India

Three Pakistani spies have been arrested from Hisar in Haryana. The three people have been accused of sharing secret and sensitive Army information with their handlers.

The arrested accused have been identified as 34-year-old Ragib, 28-year-old Mehtab and Khalid.

Earlier on July 13, an Army jawan was arrested in Narnaul, Haryana on alleged charges of leaking confidential information to a friend on Facebook. The police confirmed that he had shared pictures of weapons used by the Indian Army with his friend on social media and also received some money from the other party.

The three men were working in a cante mess building which was under construction.

Some photographs and mobile phones have been recovered from the possession of the accused. WhatsApp calls and video calls recovered from the mobile phones are proof that the three arrested were communicating with their handlers.

However government of Pakistsn did not confirm the citizenship of accused as Pakistani.

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