2 Air India Flights Suffer Damages After Severe Turbulence

The two flights of Air India suffered severe turbulence within this week, leading to passenger inconvenience and fear.

Air India has launched an investigation against crew members of flight number AI-467, following an incident in which the plane suffered damages after encountering severe thunderstorm.

The plane for flight number AI-467, operating between New Delhi to Vijayawada, was an Airbus 320. The incident occurred on September 17, but the pilot, as well as the crew members on board, did not report the incident to the airline’s flight safety department as per the norm, following which an investigation was launched, according to Air India officials.

Another similar incident was reported on the aircraft Airbus-321 when the flight number AI-048 was plying from New Delhi to Cochin.

The flight encountered bad weather and faced severe thunderstorms, but the pilot immediately reported the incident to the flight safety department. Some crew members of the flight sustained minor injuries in the incident.

“In both cases, an investigation is underway. After thorough checking by flight safety department the aircraft was approved for operation,” an Air India spokesperson told ANI.

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