Kashmir Solidarity rally in Berlin against Indian occupation and atrocities.

Berlin, Germany,

Kashmir Solidarity rally organized in Berlin capital of Germany against Indian occupation and atrocities. Several Pakistan’s Political parties join hands together against the undated curfew imposed in Kashmir.

Coordinator of Friends of Kashmir Tariq Jawed said India misguides the world and break all the records of human rights violations in Kashmir. While Pakistan pageants the oppressions in Kashmir resultant India attempt to impose hostilities on Pakistan, Kashmiri looks towards their Muslim associates against these atrocities.

Kashmir conflict must be resolve soon and if not both the nuclear countries engaged in war and the whole world will be engulfed.

Pakistani community leader Mian Imran-ul-Haq called on the European Union and the UN to play their part in resolving the Kashmir conflict to bring peace and prevent the world from nuclear war.

 Pakistani community enjoins beyond political fractions and a large number of people from infants to young, old, women and students participated in the peace march.

Leaders addressing to the solidarity march said India is to become a champion of democracy in the world by holding millions of people of Occupied Kashmir in a prison and ghetto, while India has arrogated the rights of Kashmiris and oppression on unarmed Kashmiris every day. Hundreds of children injured and blood of thousands of martyrs will go in vain.

Addressing the peace march, community leaders Khalid Mehmood and Ansar Butt said that India inflicted unprecedented oppression on Kashmiris. We demand from human rights activists to provide Kashmiris their right to self-determination. Social media is full of stories of atrocities.

The Kashmiri people were craving for a humane life. The justice institutions of the world should act wisely.

Community leader Manzoor Awan said that Kashmiris have been waiting for justice for the last seventy years. International human rights organizations are unable to provide justice to Kashmiris.

Chairman of Free Kashmir organization Muhammad Siddiqe Kiyani said that Paradise Kashmir has been occupied by Indian forces for the last 78 years; more than 0.7 million troops have ruined the lives of Kashmiris. Indian forces invade Pakistan to suppress Kashmir issues, Pakistan Air Force retaliated. Pakistan wants peace in South Asia, while India is using tactics instead of giving right to self-determination to Kashmir.

While addressing the participants of the rally the leaders said that Kashmiris are the most oppressed nation in the world and still alive in ghetto despite being from Paradise Valley, every day Kashmiri’s bury their loved ones in the hope that tomorrow morning freedom will be honored.

Indian forces opened fire on unarmed Kashmiris, blinded children and old people and crippled the youth. The leaders also said that Kashmiris awakened and freedom is about to arise soon.

Rally participants hold the play cards banners and posters and chant freedom slogans; rally was attended by the large numbers of peoples.

Prayers for forgiveness for Kashmiri martyrs will be offered at the end of March. Peace rally was limited to one kilometer. Kashmir Solidarity Rally was provided full security by Berlin Police. The rally ends peacefully on the Wittenberg Plots, passing through Berlin’s famous highways and markets.

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