Nationwide Protests Leaves India Rattled

India shook up by fresh nationwide protests following the new citizenship legislation bill passed by the declared anti-Muslim government of India. The protests and civil-police clashes have seen six dead with over hundred injured in New Delhi.

On Sunday night, Delhi police marched upon protesting students while firing tear gas before storming the JamiaMilia Islamiya University, arresting over a dozen while causing mass mayhem within the city.

Courtesy: Indian Express

The citizenship legislation allows citizenship for non-Muslim migrants from India’s three neighboring countries. Fascist alleged Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s agenda has been declared Anti-Muslim as observers fear the enforcement of the bill would marginalize the 200 million Indian Muslims. The locals fear their culture being threatened by Bengali speaking Hindus with the imposition of the law.

However the ongoing atrocities against the Protestants have brought in further nationwide protests with a considerable amount of people marching the streets of Delhi, Mumbai Bangalore, Chennai and Luckhnow.

Recent political steps have indulged the nation into ethnic dilemmas with protests being recorded by not only Muslims, but also the deranged non-Muslims under the threat of losing their identity.

Authorities have stripped northern Uttar Pradesh of internet access in western parts of the state following the dissent in Aligarh, home to a large university and a sizeable Muslim population.

The state of Assam saw over 6000 people hitting the streets following brutal clashes of the people with the law enforcements. However no major incidents were recorded.

With the mess on hold, Prime Minister Modi has still proved to be resilient on his political motive, declaring the newly proposed bill to be “100 percent correct”.

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