Scientists amazed by ‘bloody snow’ in Antarctica’s island

The picture is not from a movie, but of the icy continent of Antarctica, where scientists were amazed one morning to see the ever-changing white environment surrounding it as blood-red.

Yes, few weeks ago near base of Ukrainian scientist in Antarctica, around the Vernadinsky base of Ukrainian scientists, it seemed that the massacre happened, but the good news is that it was not.

The research base is in Galindez Island, north of Antarctica, with snow surrounding it, and the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science shared a picture of the scene on a social media.

The researchers call it jam. This blood was in fact the result of the red aqua marine or algae called Chlamydomonas nivalis that is found in icy plains and mountains around the world.

It spreads into the frozen waters and remains under the falling snow and frozen waters in the winter. When the summer arrives and the snow melts, it springs up on the algae, which is as fine as red flowers. The particles disperse.

It was also observed by Aristotle in 3 BC and this process is called ‘water melon hear’ ‘bloody ice’ and many other names. It is made of red carotene the same is found in carrots, orange and pumpkin, which is also present in this algae’s chlorophyll. It also absorbs heat and protects the algae from the sun’s ultra violet rays, without harm from warm weather it gets nutrition from the sun

But Ukrainian scientists say it is good for algae but not for ice, as it increases the chance of melting Antarctica ice the atmosphere becoming warmer.

Scientists in Ukraine say on a social media, this kind of action plays a role in climate change, as sunlight in red becomes less of a reflection of the sun and it starts to melt faster and is becoming different.

In simple terms, the more heat it absorbs, the faster the more ice will melt, more it will spread; causing more heat, more ice to melt, and more will be diffuser.

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