Paterson Mayor Appoints First Muslim As Police Chief.

Paterson New Jersey Mayor Andre Sayegh appointed Turkish American Muslim Ibrahim M. Baycora as a First chief of Police in Paterson. Ibrahim Baycora is the first Muslim to be appointed as police chief.

The event was followed by a special ceremony in New Jersey, attended by Mayor Andre Sayegh, senior police officers, Govt. officials and president of the Muslim Officers Society of New York Police, Capt. Adeel Rana. American national anthem was read at the start of the ceremony.

Patterson New Jersey Mayor Andre Sayegh formally appointed Ibrahim M. Baycora as the Chief of Police. The oath was taken on the Quran and the prayers were made according to the Quranic verses in Arabic and Turkish. The hall echoed with applause as the title was conferred to the man.

 Patterson is the third largest city in New Jersey and Ibrahim M. Baycora is the first Muslim officer to become Police Chief.

The mayor and senior officers congratulated Ibrahim Baycora on his appointment as chief of police and expressed hope that he would perform his duties honestly.


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