Madonna Cancels Three Shows Amid ‘Overwhelming Pain’

 The Queen of Pop, Madonna has canceled a series of”Madame X” shows in Boston over health concerns. She is unable to perform three of her Boston dates due to “doctor’s orders.”

The singer, 61, is in the midst of her eleventh world tour, Madame X, which was scheduled for 87 dates across the United States and Europe.

“Please forgive this unexpected turn of events,” she told fans on Facebook.

“Doing my show every night brings me so much joy and to cancel is a kind of punishment… But the pain I’m in right now is overwhelming, and I must rest and follow doctor’s orders.”

The canceled shows will not be rescheduled. Due to the “tight scheduling,” so ticket holders will instead receive automatic refunds.

The star did not specify the cause of her injury.

However, earlier this month, she told fans in San Francisco she was suffering from a “torn ligament” and “a bad knee”.

After her most recent tour date in Los Angeles,an Instagram video showed her  taking “my usual ice bath for multiple injuries”. In an earlier video, she displayed a painful bruise on her right thigh.

The star said she was having a 5°C ice bath at three in the morning, after coming off stage

The “Madame X” tour has proven even more problematic for the Queen of Pop after a fan  filed a lawsuit  in November, claiming she starts concerts too late. The Florida fan was scheduled to see her in Miami Beach, but Madonna pushed back the start time by two hours.

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