Indian Soldiers Killed after Avalanche Hits Siachen Glacier

At least four soldiers and two civilian porters have been killed after an avalanche hit the Siachen Glacier in the Indian-occupied Kashmir.

The avalanche struck a group of eight soldiers patrolling near a post at a height of 5,485 meters (17,995 feet) in the northern part of the  Himalayan glacier on Monday, Indian army spokesmen said.

Two Indian Army personnel survived the avalanche. Rescue teams from nearby posts were rushed to the location after the incident, an Army spokesperson said.

“All eight personnel were pulled out of the avalanche debris. Seven individuals were critically injured in the incident,” the official said.

A search-and-rescue mission pulled eight people from the snow who were were later airlifted to a military hospital, according to the local media.

“Despite best efforts, six casualties, which includes four soldiers and two civilian porters succumbed to extreme hypothermia,” as told by spokesman Colonel Rajesh Kalia.

Lieutenant Colonel Abhinav Navneet, another army spokesman, said that the two surviving soldiers were undergoing treatment.

He added that an army post was also hit by the avalanche but no fatalities were reported there.

India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said he was “deeply pained” by the incident.

The glacier is on the northern tip of the Line of Control that divides India- and Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

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