India Police Kill Four Suspects of Rape and Murder

Indian police have shot dead four men suspected of raping and killing a young female vet in Hyderabad last week.

The men were in police detention and were taken back to the scene of the crime in the early hours of Friday.

The suspects were shot when they tried to steal the officers’ guns and escape, according to the police officials.

No details were immediately available about how many police officers had escorted the four accused and whether they were handcuffed or bound together as is usually the case.

However, human rights organisations including Amnesty International have called for investigations to determine if these were extrajudicial killings.

“Extrajudicial killings are not a solution to preventing rape,” said Avinash Kumar, executive director of Amnesty International India.

The 27 year old rape victim’s charred remains were discovered last Thursday, leading to outrage and protests over alleged police inaction.

After news of the killings broke, the victim’s mother told repoters, “justice has been done”, while neighbours celebrated with firecrackers, and thousands of people took to the streets to hail the police.

Police in India have often been accused of extrajudicial killings, called “encounters”, especially in states experiencing armed rebellion such as Indian-administered Kashmir and the country’s northeast region.

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