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New York: Food Boxes Distributed Among the Warriors Of Covid-19

Dr. Ijaz Ahmed, President of American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee (APPAC) and President of APPNA New York Dr. Arif Ibrahim and Dr. Saadia, President of APPNA Alliance, distributed lunch boxes among police officers performing duty at Police precinct in Brooklyn, New York on Wednesday.

Asad Chaudhry of APPAC was also present on the occasion along with the President of the Muslim Officers Society of New York Police, Captain Adeel Rana. On the occasion, Dr Ijaz Ahmed applauded the police officers for their precautionary measures.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Arif Ibrahim, president of APPNA New York said that the purpose of providing food to police officers is to tell them that we are with them during these difficult times.

On this occasion, New York Police Captain Adeel Rana praised the distribution of food among officers by APPAC. He instructed the people of New York to not take the virus lightly and to stay home and follow the order of social distancing.

Asad Chaudhry of APPAC, on this occasion, expressed appreciation towards the law enforcement agencies for putting their lives forward in the “war against Covid-19”.

The police officers of the precinct expressed gratitude towards the gesture.

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