Floods In Indonesia Takes Almost 30 Lives

Horrific flood in Indonesia brought bitterness in the Jakarta region of Indonesia, taking at least 29 lives with hundreds rid of their homes and shelters.

Heavy rains in Indonesia took a drastic figure as it turned into an array of floods and landslides, killing at least 29 people leaving hundreds on the mercy of the drastic weather.

With about all the land coming under flood, tens of thousands fled to temporary shelters across the capital region  with scores of houses damaged in the deadliest flooding in years.

People grasped on to anything they could find in order to keep them afloat on the flood paddling their ways to hard grounds. Flood has most part of lands and cars covered in muddy floodwater.

Collateral damage was seen on the outskirts of the city as the water cleared, with debris littered on the streets with crushed cars lying on top of each other. Water level in most parts have reached up to the second floor of buildings

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